Is Your Furnace Ready For Winter???

Fall Preventative Maintenance is the Best Way to Avoid Trouble Later!!!

It is the bPenguin in the Snoweginning of fall and that makes it the perfect time to begin thinking about getting your annual furnace maintenance. This will ensure that your furnace is in shape to take on the winter and prevent it from breaking down in the months ahead when you need it the most.

A one-time investment of only $89.95 can have you ready for anything the winter months can bring!

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Stay Warm This Winter!

Energy Star Home Tool Can Save You $$$

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program wants to help homeowners and businesses save money and protect the environment by making smarter energy choices. To help homeowners along, ENERGY STAR has come up with an interactive tool called ENERGY STAR @ home.

Just click on the link and you’ll be on your way to making your home or business more efficient and saving $$$.


The tool allows users to navigate a virtual home and click on various rooms to receive tips on how to be mindful about their personal energy usage. The tips include ideas such as checking leaking ducts and weather stripping doors to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. These tips can help homeowners save money on electricity and gas bills while maximizing energy efficiency to protect the environment.

Winter is on its way… Now is the time to start getting ready!

Here are some great tips for winterizing your home before it gets too cold… and some will save you $$$!!!

  1. Make Windows Airtight

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 10% of the air that leaks out of a house exits through the windows.  Caulk around window frames and apply weatherstripping on both windows and doors to eliminate air leakage.

green_building_myths_04-caulk-window-seal_lead Weatherstripping blog-seal-leaky-windows-

  1. Have Your Furnace Inspected

Call an HVAC professional to check the fan belt that runs the blower, vacuum out dust and debris, and oil the bearings if necessary.  Stock up on filters for the winter months and change them monthly or when they become clogged with dust.  The furnace will operate more efficiently and save you money on your energy bill!  Set your thermostat at 68 to save even more on your energy bill.


  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

This allows you to set the temperature to comfortable level when you are in your home and cut it back to a cooler level when you are away.  Used properly, a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 a year on heating and cooling costs.

Source 1 Thermostat 4

  1. Plug Hidden Leaks

Did you know that about 30% of the cld air that leaks into your home comes through holes where pipes, vents or electrical conduits run through walls, ceilings and floors?  Check under sinks in the kitchen, bathrooms and utility areas for gaps around pipes.  Fill them in with an insulation foam sealant, or caulk for small gaps, to help save on the heating cost for the winter months.


  1. Protect Pipes from Freezing

To minimize the possibility of water freezing in your plumbing pipes, which can cause them to burst, wrap each pipe with foam insulation.  Hardware stores offer foam tubes (with a slit on one side) that can be placed around your pipes (duct tape them to make sure they are secure) to insulate them.

Pipes 2

  1. Check Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Experts recommend replacing the batteries in smoke alarms twice per year.  If your smoke alarm is more than 5 year old it is recommend to replace it with a new one.  Make sure you have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for each level of your home.  It is best to have them placed near the bedrooms.

  1. Put in Storm Windows and Doors

Installing storm windows and doors is a great way to reduce air leakage year-round.  There are many options available and they are very durable.  Great way to cost down on energy costs!

Ceiling Fans… They do help!



Have you ever noticed how a brisk wind makes a chilly winter day feel even colder than it actually is? This is the effect of the air moving over the skin, body heat being removed more efficiently giving the perception of coolness.Ceiling_FanYou already know how ceiling fans make rooms in the house seem cooler without lowering the thermostat. As the first electrical home comfort appliance, the benefits of ceiling fans have been realized for more than a century. Fans keep air moving and occupants more comfortable.

Utilizing a ceiling fan, in addition to you’re A/C, allows a homeowner to set the thermostat up to four degrees higher without impacting indoor comfort. For each degree the thermostat is raised above 78 degrees, savings of around 6 percent are achievable. In transitional seasons like fall, a ceiling fan helps you reduce the need for your air conditioner earlier and start saving.

In summer, running the ceiling fan in the counter-clockwise, or “reverse” setting, blows air straight down on occupants in the room to maximize the sensation of cooling. During winter, a ceiling fan is still useful when it is set to a clockwise rotation.  This pulls air up from the room and forces it out across the ceiling disrupting the rising hot air and circulating it back down into the room for more effective warming.

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End of Summer HVAC Tips for Oklahoma Homeowners

The Oklahoma State Fair is just around the corner and that means that Fall is on its way and it’s a great time to save energy! 

5 Tips That Can Help You Save $$$ Now and Be Ready for Colder Weather to Come:

  1. Take advantage of your ceiling fans. When you run your ceiling fans, you can raise your thermostat setting and maybe even give your air conditioner a break.
  2. Close shades and blinds during the day.Keep the sun’s heat from raising the temperature in your home by closing your window shades and blinds during the day.
  3. Clear debris from your outdoor condenser unit. Wind, storms and summer activities like mowing the lawn can cause all kinds of debris to build up on your unit and restrict its airflow. Make sure to clear any visible debris away to allow proper air flow to your unit.
  4. Change your air filters.Summer is one of the seasons that your air filter gets dirty the fastest. That’s because your HVAC system is running almost all the time, so airborne particles are constantly getting trapped in the filter.
  5. Schedule preventive maintenance for your furnace.The end of summer and beginning of fall is the perfect time to begin thinking about getting your annual furnace maintenance. This will ensure that your furnace is in shape to take on the winter and prevent it from breaking down in the months ahead when you need it the most.  A one-time preventative maintenance investment of $89.95 can have you ready for anything the winter months can bring!

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What Does Preventative Maintenance Mean?

Your cooling and heating system is a major investment for your home and your comfort. With so much at stake, preventative maintenance is worth the expense when compared to the alternative of having to replace the entire unit.

Your expert heating and cooling technicians will consider many factors when checking your systems.

Air Conditioning:

Electrical Connections: A bad electrical connection is dangerous and can lead to the improper working condition of your air conditioning system and will greatly subtract from the life of your unit.

Thermostat Settings: Your thermostat settings need to be assessed to ensure that your A/C is working at the highest level of efficiency possible. Some questions that may be asked: Is your A/C set to turn on when you’re away from home? Is it set lower than necessary?

Condensate Drain: Drains that are clogged/plugged can affect the humidity levels in your house. A preventive maintenance checkup on your air conditioner will make sure that the humidity levels in your home stay at a healthy level.

Lubrication: Some parts of your air conditioner may not be properly lubricated and can cause friction. Too much friction will increase the amount of energy your system consumes and will run less efficiently.

Refrigerant Level: Too much or too little will leave your system functioning less efficiently.

Evaporator and Condenser A/C Coils: Dirty coils consume more energy, reduce the life of your unit and increase the cost of your monthly utility bills.

Blower Components: If your system has airflow problems, your A/C’s efficiency can be lowered by up to 15 percent.


Blower Compartment: A dirty blower wheel loses efficiency and increases heating costs.

Wiring and Connections: Tightening connections can avoid higher operating costs and expensive repairs

Burners: Clean and adjust to maximize furnace efficiency

Heat Exchanger: Visually inspect to make sure it is in proper working order.

Gas Pressure and Flame Operation: Visually inspect for proper function and safety.

Igniter/Pilot Light: Inspect for proper operation and safety.

Upon completion, your service technician will present a Tune-Up Checklist and share any recommendations and potential concerns about your system.

So, What is the investment cost? We know you want to know that too… (cost is per system)

One Season Cooling or Heating $89.95
Two Seasons Cooling & Heating (1yr) $139.95
Four Seasons Cooling & Heating (2yrs) $259.95

Having a professional check your systems bi-annually will give you comfort in knowing that your A/C and Heater are in proper working condition. With your systems running at their best, you will save money on your utility bills and extend the life of your units. Contact the professionals at Cool-Heat of Oklahoma today, at 405-681-4834, and schedule your preventative maintenance. 

Oklahomans know that the weather can change at any time, make sure your systems are ready for it!

Save $$$ With a Programmable Thermostat!

Whether you power your home with electricity, heating oil, gas, solar power, geothermal energy, or some other source, the energy you use to heat and cool your home is undoubtedly a huge part of your household budget. One of the best ways to cut some costs is by using a programmable or smart thermostat, which raises and lowers the temperature in the house according to your activities. Going out for the day? The thermostat raises (or lowers) the temperature, using less energy while you’re gone. According to the government’s Energy Star program, households that use a programmable thermostat can save about $180 a year on their energy bill.

With the Source 1 Color Touch-Screen Thermostat you can save $$$ and enjoy easy to use features!

Source 1 Thermostat 4

– Customize the appearance by uploading up to 100 of photos for the screen savers and even selecting one to use as the background wallpaper.

– Comes with more than a dozen built-in nature and holiday-themed photos that can be used as background wallpaper for the thermostat.

– “Simple as You Want” Operation allows it to be installed as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat. “Simple Stat” operation mode provides enlarged display numbers and fewer display items, making it perfect for the most basic users.

– Intuitive “Time Period” Scheduler automatically changes the temperature and mode for up to four periods per day, allowing for comfortable temperatures for sleeping, waking, and daytime, plus an energy savings mode for when no one is home.

– “At-a-Glance” screen – clearly shows the heating and cooling status, as well as the room temperature. Optional Outdoor Temperature Sensor allows the outside temperature to be displayed right on the screen along with the option to display the high and low temperatures for the day.

– Nighttime Dimmer allows the active and idle brightness levels to be adjusted, from 0 to 100 percent brightness with complete darkness being an option when the dimmer is idle.

– 7-Day Energy Usage Graph shows how much energy has been used to heat and cool for the past seven days helping in the evaluation of energy conservation options and opportunity to decrease energy costs.

– Security with automatic screen lock that can lock the screen minutes after it has been touched and requires a pass code to enable access (eliminates kids or guests changing thermostat settings). Security settings also enforce temperature set point limits – the system runs within set temperature parameters so that no one can run the air conditioning too low or the heat too high.

– Programmable Daylight Savings mode automatically adjusts for daylight savings. Multiple language choices for English, Spanish or French. Ability to name the thermostat – each thermostat can have its own name, such as “Upstairs Thermostat” or even more friendly names, such as “The Smith Home.”

– Program alerts for Service Filter and UV Light reminders along with a customizable Service Call display the contractors logo and contact information.

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